All members are able to post in the Trading Post.

Members with 'I'm New to PA' status are not permitted to start new threads in ‘Prelude for Sale’ / ‘For Sale’ / ‘Misc. Items for Sale’ / ‘Group Buy’ / 'Swap/WTB/Trade'

Use this forum to:
1. Advertise items for PRIVATE SALES ONLY.
2. Post links to alert other members to FOR SALE items listed on other websites such as eBay.


Title format:
FS: item for sale [STATE]
Ebay: item for sale
WTB: item [STATE]
Post format:
Conditions of sale:
Methods of contact:
1. In a FOR SALE thread, an asking price of the item for sale MUST be stated in the original post. Auctions on PA are not permitted

2. All enquiries and negotiations for items must take place via Private Messaging unless other methods are described by the author. Replies in threads are only for questions, enquiries, and expressions of interest. Idle chit chat, conversation and abuse towards other members will be deleted without notice

3. In replying to any advertisement, it is permitted for members to make the seller and other members aware of better deals or lower prices elsewhere, a reference to where the item can be purchased cheaper will be required to back up the claim.

4. If members have any concerns about the quality, legality or authenticity of an advertisement, they should bring it to the attention of the section moderator

5. Please provide pictures whenever possible, or if unable to obtain pictures please note this in original post. This is to keep chit chat to a minimum.

6. If the item is sold, reply to the thread and say so.

7. The topic title is to be a short description of the item or items for sale, a topic title of "For Sale" or "Wanted - Help" is not accepted.

8. No selling on behalf of others.

9. Refrain from 'bumping'/jacking up the thread to the top of the list within 24 hours of the last post. Any post like this WILL be deleted without notice

10. Buyers do not need 'goodluck with the sale!' type of replies to sell an item. You either BUY the item or do not reply at all. Any post like this WILL be deleted without notice

11. Only one active For Sale thread per member per section is allowed at any one time. For example, if you have multiple miscellaneous items for sale they must all be in one thread in the Misc. FS section. Multiple threads are allowed if you have both Prelude related and miscellaneous items for sale, but only one thread in each.

12. Please post new threads in the correct section. If you cannot post a thread in this section. You do not have access. Do not use other forums to sell items. Any sales threads posted in the incorrect forums may be deleted

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1. You are responsible for ensuring that all material will not infringe any other person's copyright or other intellectual property rights and you are also responsible for complying with other legal requirements applicable to the advertisement you place with us.

2. You must ensure that your ad will not:
a. contain or refer to any misleading, deceptive or fraudulent statements or offers;
b. contain any obscene, threatening, indecent or defamatory material or material disclosing confidential information; or
c. disclose information which identifies an individual or which can be used to identify an individual unless that person has consented to their personal information being disclosed.

3. is not liable for any errors or typos which appear in your ad (regardless of whether the relevant error is our responsibility or yours).

4. We reserve the right to (at our sole discretion) verify the availability of articles offered for sale and to select, edit, condense, determine the duration of, change the nominated category of, or refuse, an ad.

5. Ads may be cancelled or withdrawn (at our sole discretion) any time.