Hi all

Haven't posted here, in ages - been on the FB Group, but well you know what they can be like...
My 4G VTIR has been a faithful Daily for about 7-8 years now; and though I have considered other cars - it still goes hard at 223,000 kms.

  1. I am getting some rattles in the 4WS unit, when you yank on the actuator arms there's a clicking - which may mean a rebuild? Thoughts welcome?
  2. What sort of life can I expect from the engine?
  3. Any recommendations for an engine supplier?
  4. Any ideas on prices of recon engines, with say a mild bit of modding?

I am weighing up the future with her, (not urgent though) and considering alternatives too, like a 350 or 370Z, and as always in life - comes down to practicality and $$$?