Okay my H23 really isn't THAT bad but, it'll be more cost-effective to replace than to rebuild so.. that's what I'm doing. Here's the list of things I'm going to do while it's going in. Basically what I'm looking for is any things I should be doing while i have the engine all out, and recomendations for brands of what I'm putting in.

JDM H22 w/LSD tranny
Unorthodox flywheel
Exedy clutch
NGK plugs/wires
header (greddy?)
timing belt
fluids, I want names, places to buy. I'm thinking Royal purple oil and Redline tranny fluid any need to spend extra on PS fluid?
motor mounts full replacement or inserts?
I'd like to do steering rack bushings while it's right there but I don't know were to get them....
Tranny mount bushings? do they come with motor mounts?

Thanks for any help you can give me guys I wanna do this right!!!