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    Post Help finding information on my 93 prelude

    Hey all,

    I recently purchased a 1993 Honda Prelude (gen 4). It has been engine and tranny swapped, running a manual H22A1.

    Using this website: I have worked out this information from the VIN:

    VIN: JHMBA82400C100867
     1 [J] = Japan
     2 [H] = Honda
     3 [M] = Passenger vehicle manufactured in Japan
     4, 5, 6 = BA8 = Prelude, 2.2L
     7 [2] = 2 door coupe, Auto transmission
     8 [4] = either 2.1S Prelude w/ 4WS or S Prelude (92-93)
     9 [0] = check digit
    10 [0] = ?? (Model Year)
    11 [C] = Sayama, Saitama, Japan
    This is from the chassis though, which I'm assuming I should use for buying anything non-engine related such as any brakes/suspension/interior parts.

    I'm convinced the car still has the original wiring harness, or at least has a harness taken from an automatic H22A1 since it still has the wiring for the automatic shifter.

    I'm a little confused as to which Helms manuals to get (both electrical and service/workshop manuals), since the BA8/S and (I assume the BB1/VTi-R) have different years, and different Helms manuals.
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    Hey mate,

    I think the helms manual will be for all models with different wiring diagrams as they're close enough to be covered by one book.

    But pick up the service manual for the BB chassis. if you cant find them, flick me a pm.

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