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    Auto to manual transmission problem

    I recently converted auto to manual transmission, Honda Prelude BB8.

    Manual gearbox (5 speed) is from 1990 Honda Accord.

    It is 5 speed auto trans, tiptronic with LSD before converted.

    Now car runs slower comparing when it was auto.

    It used to be faster than Lancer Mivec, Honda B18, B20, all manual gearbox.

    What can be wrong?

    Some people said I selected wrong gearbox for this conversion.

    FYI engine internal (H22A) is stock with head porting, intake, header, bigger throttle, custom camshaft, exhaust modification.

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    Hi mate, had a friend do the same and it was the wrong gearbox combination. Non H22A gearboxes have longer gears, so you take longer to get the revs up, which makes the car slower in turn. You'll need to get the right gearbox with shorter ranges to match.

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