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    I am a "newbie" to this Forum as my daughter has recently purchased a BB6 Prelude. This is our first experience with Hondas and membership of this group will benefit the work that lies ahead.

    Our purchase is a 5/1997 BB6 Manual. It is somewhat 'rough' and requires various measures of TLC to be re-registered (Victoria). However, it runs well and "goes like stink". This Prelude has been 'un-loved' for some time and I am currently doing all the routine things like changing filters and fluids, replacing frayed boots / rubbers and generally tidying up rough bits.

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    Hi petered, good to see a new member here but sadly most people use the 'prelude australia' group on Facebook
    But if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask as i can still point you in the right direction, as can the facebook group
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