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    4th Gen Low Beam Lamp - trick out?

    Hi Guys

    I have a 94 VTIR 4WS - read that as "my baby"

    I put in H4 LED's, and love them, BUT I see that only one pair of the H4 LED chips light up, in other words, 2 x LED chips, leaving 2 out cold? I live in country Victoria, and we get quite a few native and farm animals on the roads. Obviously, I'd like to use all 4 chips, giving me double the existing lighting. Has anyone else done this? I would get a sparky to do it, since I'm no good with electrical.

    Also - has anyone been able to get any sort of LED's to fit into the H1 High beams? There's not much room behind the shells - and once you go LED - Halogens look SO last century, i.e. yellow and blow so frequently!


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    It might be easier to get the correct H1 globes.

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