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    Need Help - 1984 Prelude A18 twin Carby motor

    UNFINISHED project - speedway pocket rocket motor.
    Hi all , ever decided to build a speedway 84 Prelude pocket racer with your son?
    Here's a story that will bring tears to your eyes & a massive hole in your pocket.
    Started out a few years ago with a slightly damaged Lude (hit in the rear on the RH side),
    so my then 17 year old son decided he wanted to follow his Dad's speedway career & have
    a go - so we pulled the Lude into many pieces in my (then) panel beating business in
    Brisbane west.
    Well , we had the A18A twin carby motor back home .
    After honing the block & fitting new crankshaft seals, getting all the gasket sets , new pistons & gudeon pins ,rings , big end bearings , timing belt & tensioner kit , water pump kit, spending a fortune on getting the head completely overhauled (over $700 trade price) , new workshop manual , engine stand - we were ready to go.. but he changed his job & now is in Darwin & all the gear that Dad paid for is sitting in the shed along with the twin carbys , clutch & flywheel plus a few other bits.
    The rest of the Prelude was given to my daughter's father-in-law for bits for his really smart original Prelude.
    Here in lies my dilemma - I have tried to sell on eBay for a fraction of what the parts alone owe me but I am not getting to the people who would be interested in these bits - so I have registered on the Prelude Australia forum to see if anyone has any interest - trust me , it'd be worth your while looking and asking about this stuff.

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    I used to drive one of these 1984 Prelude in high school. It was a red '84. Sadly it was totaled when a driver failed to yield and pulled out in front of me making a left turn at a light. It was an offset head-on collision at about 35 mph and I walked away from it. It was a great little car and it was built like a tank. The handling was really incredible for a front wheel drive car. It also plowed through snow as if it had four wheel drive. I miss that little car and I wish Honda would bring the Prelude back.

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