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    H22A Map sensor problem

    Hey guys im having a little problem with my map sensor on my h22a. Ive just completed a f22a1 to a 97 h22a that ive changed back to obd1. Whilst running the f22 i never had a code for the map but now the p13 is running its throwing map code. I have run the vac lines the same as how they were on the f22. When i received the engine the map sensor on the throttle body was broken, ive made up a block off plate for that port and using the old one that was originally on the firewall, Its a 92 4th gen. Any ideas on how to fix are greatly appreciated.

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    first thing..... Its the TPS sensor is on the throttle body. The map sensor is mounted on the firewall from memory.

    However they use the same type of connector. you may have them plugged in around the wrong way, hence your issue.
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