OK, I own 5 Hondas. A 1990 CRX, '91 ED Civic, '94 EG Civic, '99 GH HR-V, and a 2013 CR-Z. No Prelude at the moment, but I did own a '97 Prelude VTiR new for 5 years!

I bought some door moldings from a guy in Sydney for my '91 ED Civic, took the wife to Sydney for the weekend to collect them, and when I got them home discovered they didn't fit! They are from another Honda.

Best I can tell is they belong to a Prelude, somewhere between 87 and 91 is my guess. They came in a genuine Honda bag, and seem to be genuine Honda spare parts, brand new! What I have is the complete left hand (passenger) side moldings, the one for the front fender, the door molding, and the molding behind the door. PLUS, I have a right hand (drivers) side door molding, but NO front or rear fender moldings. Total of FOUR pieces.

These are brand new, unmarked, and discontinued. If you could buy these parts, they would be about $800!

I am not worried about the $100 bucks I paid for them, but rather than throw them in the bin, I would like them to go to a good Honda Home.....

If you own an 87 to 91 Prelude, and are in need of some new door moldings (complete with all the clips), please contact me david@pchh.com.au

We will need to take exact measurements of your moldings, compare part numbers, and take good quality photos to compare the moldings to make sure they are the right ones for your car.

Rare discontinued parts that I am sure someone out there needs.... Thanks.