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    Thumbs up 『GDM "The 220km/h notation" GAUGE CLUSTER』

    It is a speedometer of "The 220km/h notation" of German specifications.

    I made up my mind for 20 several years to become "the 180km/h notation" when it was Japan saying "I want to obtain it someday" and was finally available three years ago.

    Because obtained it afterwards whenever was found; for "the latter period" for the present "first half year" there are five at hand each.

    Because the scale of the meter is smaller than Japanese specifications, I like it in particular. In addition, it is good that there is not the notation of the mile.

    Because "the mile" is hardly used in Japan, there is the merit, "a meter is easy to see" few.!AsUoLpZJb3S3gW_yJxISIiXcn76K

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    A cluster from GDM 2.0EX Automatic Facelift. A rare find even in Germany too. Most Prelude are 5MT here. A AT Cluster with Cruise and from 16V was only to find in Austria or norwegian/swedish cars and even more rare to find.

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