I obtained "INX Chrome Trim to Gauge cluster" at auction just two weeks ago.
Purchase some parts from the same exhibitor by chance; with "is there sometimes the exhibition plan of the meter?"

After asking it, it was said, "please wait a little more because you removed it at the time of the dismantling of the car.".

I was able to make a bid for this after the contest with an enthusiast somehow, too.
I was able to purchase "the real leather steering from the same supplier first, too".
I do not take the image, but am a quite beautiful steering. The collection of "the real leather steering" of the latter period increased to seven of them in this. Of course there is the first-term real leather steering, too.

But the humidity and temperature are high intensely in the summer in Japan,

Because damage is heavy on leather, I put on an urethane steering of the lower grade in place of a real leather steering now.