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    Do police give you a hard time if you have a radar scanner?

    Hey guys. I'm looking into getting a radar detector. I'm not a hoon and I don't plan on speeding with it, i just think it will be a really good thing to have so you can check your speed when there's a hair dyer pointing towards you.
    I was thinking of getting the Valentine One Radar Detector. There is a shop here in Perth that sells them and they say it's 100% legal in WA:

    I'm just wondering if any of you that use radar detectors gets picked on by cops. Apparently cops can pick up signals from radar detectors meaning they have radar detector detectors. I don't want to hide it cos the valentine one has 2 sensors on the front and back to catch radar detectors, so it has to be mounted on the windshield

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    Radar detectors were all the rage before they started rolling out the laser systems.
    I've heard comments relating to obstruction of vision fines when placed on windscreen.

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