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    Where to buy front lip?

    Hey, I'm looking at buying a Honda Prelude 5th Gen in the coming months and when I do get one I'd like to get a front lip for it. I've been looking around and can't seem to find any in Australia. Where would I be able to buy one? Thanks in advance

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    Depends what you want. There isn't much of a market left in Aus for these things. Carmate only sell 1 kind and I believe it's fiberglass. Seibon sell a carbon lip and appear to have a warehouse in WA now, but it is stupid expensive. Best bet is probably to import one from Japan or the US but be prepared to pay mega $$$ in postage, especially as our dollar is pretty low at the moment. Otherwise, you'll probably have to try your luck second hand, there is a dude on Gumtree selling what looks like a full OEM lip kit for a 5th gen for cheaps.
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