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    Radiator Support

    Hi all,

    This morning moo`reminded me to look at my prelude again.

    After a long year of sitting idle (yes, I have a small accident with damage the front). I missed 4WS drive and want to fix the car again.

    It seems I need to replace the radiator support, radiator and few pieces. They are mostly doable, but replacing the radiator support seems a bit challenging ie. wielding, etc.

    I am thinking of hiring a mobile mechanics to come over and fix it... but not sure that is a good idea !?

    Any recommendation !
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    mobile mechanic would cost you arm and leg.... if you cant get to a place, look for a metalworker who will come to you. cheaper.

    as for radiator, koyo are good and cheap.
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    dooo it

    get in touch with Hakan at northmead performance exhaust. I am not sure if he'd come over but hes a very nice guy and very skilled welder and with the right price he might be able to give you a hand

    alternatively, tow it to your nearest exhaust shop if you cant drive it?
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