Just a quick write up for those who are interested in Thule roof racks for their 5th gen preludes. I had a real struggle finding the appropriate information online.

You will need the following parts.

Feet: #754
Bars: #761 OR #961 (Square bar OR Wingbar respectfully)
Fitting kit: #1074

Short roofline adapter #774
Protection pads #331-1

Using the Short roofline adaptor you can carry up to 75Kg of weight. Without the adaptor recommended weight is ~35Kg

I had a real struggle finding the fitting kit locally, I ended up buying from a place in the UK. The rest of the kit I was able to source locally.

I'll update this with Pictures of my lude soon!

Here is some more information for other brands that I came across in my hunt.

Feet: Q Towers
Bars: Small Round Bar (48")
Fitting kit: Q85 and Q86 (Front and rear respectfully)
Short roof adapter: Q Stretch Kit
Max weight: ~45Kg

Feet: IN-SU
Bars: INB117
Fitting kit: K177
Short roof adapter: IN-JK