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    Which of these gauges are best in analog, and which in digital?

    I'd prefer the ones that dance around a lot (greater rate of change) in analog, and the ones with a lesser rate of change (minute fluctuations) in digital.

    Please help me categorize them by their typical rate of change activity. These are the gauges I'd like to classify into analogue versus digital:

    1. Turbo (Boost)
    2. Tachometer
    3. Vacuum
    4. Fuel Pressure
    5. Oil Pressure
    6. Exhaust Temperature
    7. Oil Temperature
    8. Water (Coolant) Temperature
    9. Air Fuel Mix

    This is the third time I've asked this tech question after being subjected to bouts of sneering and lecturing instead of just straight-forward answering. Wonder if I should post this in another forum somewhere else. Any suggestions pleasegug

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    For the ones that "dance around a lot", you may actually want digital rather than analogue. For example the MTX-L air fuel gauge is fully digital and as far as I know has a faster response time than any analogue gauge/sensor, and for things like A/F you really want a precise measurement with decimal places (same for volt meter). All the gauges where you just need a near enough is good enough reading, I would be happy with analogue.

    I would say most of the temp gauges would be fine in an analogue format just like the tacho. But any numbers measured with a decimal place I'd probably go with digital (volt & A/F).

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