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    French Guy in 3rd gen lude

    Hello all!
    I'm Anthony From France!
    I'm a Honda enthusiast and a prelude lover!
    I'm rebuilding a 3rd gen prelude 2.0i16 4ws non cat with 305mkm!
    The french old honda haven't some good equipements...
    For example, the 3rd gen prelude :
    - carbs or injection
    - 4ws or not
    - leather or not
    - rear spoiler or not
    - auto or man trans (and manual only for 150hp...)
    - all have power mirrors, lock, and windows
    And they don't have, 3rd brake light, cruise control, auto climate control, etc...
    So! I'm looking for some parts for my lude!
    If you can help me!
    and if you wanna some eudm parts for your honda, I can help you too!

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    Do all EUDM 3G Preludes come with the OEM rear lip?

    We have third brake lights and cruise control standard on every car here, but not the climate control.

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    Audm come with climate control but not auto right?
    all the eudm come with the oem rear lip yeah!
    You want one?
    I want the 3rd brake light for 90-91 s2 only!
    And cruise control for S2 too!
    Can you help me pleeeeeaaaaase!

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