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    Just bought a Prelude - a few issues with roadworthy

    G'day all.

    New to the site and Preludes for that matter.
    A bit of a back story: Purchased a 1992 JDM prelude Si-VTEC for $125
    Got it running and so far I'm into it for $750.
    Took the vehicle into my mechanic for a roadworthy inspection today to get a list of works to be carried out.

    Now for the bad part...
    The list of things that need to be done is a full A4 page written in 12pt text haha.
    Most of its not so bad like handbrake adjustment, ball joints, tie rods, rack boots, tyres and a few bushes.
    All that I'm capable of fixing myself but electrical issues are whats holding it back.

    Currently the list of electrical issues stands at this:
    -Dash board illumination: The fuel and temp gauges die off after the headlights are switched on, almost disappear.
    -Odometer doesnt work, has to be a working item on cars manufactured after 1989.
    -ABS light on dash is always on.

    Then we get to the major problem with the car: Import tag.
    Mechanic was unable to find the import tag/badge/sticker.
    Now I'm unsure what the process is with obtaining this tag or even where to begin looking into it.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I should do before I decide to invest too much money into it.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    if it was a proper grey import it would have the tag on it. If it wasn't it wont have the tag and probably came into the country as "parts" and therefor you will need to seek advice from the traffic authority Vic roads. I would do that before you put more money into it, if you intend to drive it on the roads.

    ABS can be expensive to fix, however if you are prepared to do it yourself its usually the pump and you can replace it.
    Electrical stuff it sounds like there is a short somewhere. Just a process of pulling apart dash and finding it, or ask previous owner when it started and they might be able to tell you after "something was fixed or installed".
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    Welcome to the site.

    Yeah, it should have a big yellow tag on it somewhere in the engine bay (mine is on the passenger shock tower) which would have a new Aussie issued VIN different to the one stamped on the firewall. Has the car ever been registered in Australia? The rules have changed since the early 00's, now you either have to have a car older than 1989. Even then it must appear on either the RAWS or SEVS register which Preludes do not, but I think you can apply to have it added. It'd be worth checking with your local transport authority first to see if you even can register it before going any further, otherwise it could just be a parts car. Hopefully you're in the clear and your mechanic just couldn't find it.
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