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Thread: new 3 gen owner

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    Talking new 3 gen owner

    hay guy got a new 3rd gen prelude the other week im in townsville north qld guy let me know what you think and any issues you have had 11198993_10206787369352854_902247136_n (3).jpg

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    Hey guy, welcome to the site.

    Car looks good. Treat it well and it should do the same back. Common problems would probably be the CV's (check the boots for wear) and the timing belt/adjuster/oil pump. If you know when these have been replaced then great, if not then think about getting it done.
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    Welcome, PA fourm is a bit dead owing to some problems a few months back so check us out on facebook too.

    I've owned 2 3rd gens, a series 1 and 2 and never had any problems at all. Just the usual servicing that goes with owning an old car and that's about it. Brake slave cylinder had some issues on the series 2 but replaced it and all good again.

    Best handling prelude by a long long way the 3rd gen, i've owned a handful of cars since and driven hundreds but still have a soft spot for the 3rd gen.

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