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    Post How much power can I expect from these minimal mods?

    Hello all,

    I'm just curious as to how much power I could be making with these mods

    Custom CAI (using stock box and K&N panel filter
    Full intake solenoid/diaphram resonator delete
    Blow by delete
    NGK ZFR5 plugs (hotter than stock plug)
    Top gun 8.8mm pro racing spiral spark leads
    RPM/Clutch industries HD clutch kit
    2" cannon on stock exhaust

    Car is running stock tune and has no plug ins

    Other mods I've done:

    King springs all round
    Bendix brake pads
    S2000 seat conversion
    Saas vac lines
    Exhaust shroud delete
    Aftermarket stock alloy radiator
    Protex master + slave cylinder (clutch)
    Custom sound system (big list CBF listing)
    Imported USDM poly lip kit
    Foot well and boot LED's
    Skunk2 pro racing shifter
    Mugen lip spoiler

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    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately with the list of mods you have you probably haven't increased HP very much above stock, maybe 1-2HP. The resonator delete will give you a bit more power up high but hurts you down low. The ignition leads and plugs don't give you anything but will deteriorate slower than stock.
    So assuming you have a H22 (you didn't mention) and assuming the engine is still putting out what it should have off the factory floor, you're probably floating around 150-160hp at the wheels. Don't feel bad, Prelude's are notoriously difficult to squeeze any extra power out of. Honda just made it so good out of the box.

    Still, post up some pics. It'd be nice to see the mods you've done.

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    No gains expected from that list. A bit more noise though.

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