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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone, I'm Blake

    I joined these forums about.. 2 minutes ago. Been on PreludePower for a while but their community wasn't as active in the 3rd gen area as here seems to be and I am an Australian in Sydney after all.
    For those curious: I have a 1988 Prelude Si (4WS) Automatic.

    I am not new to the Honda world as Ive seen many here, I am new to the automotive world. This Prelude is my first ever car and it needs HEAPS of work.

    Short story behind my car is.. It was once a wreck car, was then a trying to be sold as the whole thing (What was left) and was apparently not running and no good. An older guy bought that car and had been trying to restore it and fix it back up as his personal street car but simply no longer had the time for it with his others. Because of the car's condition he was going to send it off as scrap metal but ended up listing it online for only $50. Thinking this would make a great project and fun way to spend my time. I decided to buy the car (Which was in Canberra); $200 dollars later he brings it up here for me on a trailor.
    So the car's total cost was only $250!

    A pack of fuses, new battery cables and a new battery later - .. And the car runs.

    That's my story, and I hope to have this car running on the road one day.



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    We hope you can restore this and complete a wonderful project!

    Welcome to PA Blake!

    Best Shape Award = 4th Gen Prelude + Best Bang For Your Buck Award = R34 GT-R N1

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    Looks good man! Always loved 3rd Gens. Hope everything goes well!

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