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    Quote Originally Posted by mokhkw View Post
    Have you considered removing the front number plate holder, mounting the plates lower on the front bar & having the LED recessed?

    If you did that you'd be able to mount the LED at the same level as the indicators/park lights (and maybe even have 2 of them to fill up the gap so to speak).

    Mount the number plates at the bottom of the bar at the same level the oem foggies get mounted.
    No - its not something I've thought of - and I don't have the number plate holder there in any case ('twas too ugly I thought). From what I can determine so far, the LED's over the plate could be just about right - giving that extra height that you'd want - to get more reach.


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    Advice on Driving lamps not LEDs

    White are great, but for nice coloration for the whole take you generally want leds of red and green to hit at a ratio of 4:1, white:color.

    Some folks like to add blue on another switch for night time, and some also like to add magenta or blue to the white/daylight spectrum as well.
    Adding the coloration does give the tank a bit more vibrancy.

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    Interesting, very interesting

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