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    Has anyone performed a electric power steering conversion?

    Hi everyone,
    posting here after a long time, been playing around and learning about my prelude.
    I'm planning to clear up my engine bay. My power steering system isn't doing well got some leakage and stuff.
    I was googling for EPS conversion, all I could find was some guy doing a hydraulic EPS conversion from toyota mr2.
    I also looked into universal EPS racks..
    Need some suggestion from you guys for what parts I should be looking for.
    wiring harness is also a concern of course, but i'm trying to figure out what what parts could possibly fit in my 4th gen and even if this job is worth the effort?

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    It has been done before. I think 71dsp in the US did it to his 5G track car. If you get an electric pump from a MR2/MR-S then you shouldn't need to replace the steering rack (unless it's rooted) since it still pumps hydraulic fluid, it just uses an electric motor to generate the pressure instead of the pulley. Finding a good place for it could be an issue though, the whole unit is kind of big. From what I could find quickly they weigh about 4.5kg and can draw up to 100amps so they need a BIG wire from the battery and a dedicated fuse. You should be ok with the stock alternator since I think Prelude ones put out 75+ amps. The Toyota pump is designed to get a signal from the ECU to vary the electric motor output at different speeds, since the Prelude ECU can't do this you'd have to run at full pressure all the time.

    A good question is why? You won't gain any HP doing this kind of mod, what you gain by freeing up the drive pulley you are losing by putting additional load on the alternator. An EPS swap is going to be difficult to say the least but certainly possible if you have the know-how and patience, but it won't feel like the stock power steering system. If you are just tidying up the engine bay then you can do a PS reservoir relocation and hose tuck or just delete the whole system and loop the lines. Is your PS system leaking internally or is it just some busted hoses giving you grief?

    If you're interested in reading more I found a write-up here for a mazda mx-5, but gives you an idea what is involved.

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