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    Thank You Prelude Australia

    Greetings Prelude Australia Members,

    As some of you will have already gathered, I have recently passed on Prelude Australia to its new team, Azjs, Bob and Adrenalin who will now be taking PA on into the future. This decision was not made lightly, however in light of what has been an extremely bittersweet year for me so far, it is the best decision for all involved. The first part of 2014 was largely spent receiving much needed treatment for debilitating depression which of course severely hampered my abilities to do anything that involved functioning as a normal human being. Having overcome that, I am happy to say that in more recent times, progression in my career and my involvement in a new business venture has ensured that my "spare time" has become quite limited and therefore, it is most definitely time for PA to be in the hands of people who can give it the love and attention it deserves.

    I would like to thank the many many people who have been a part of Prelude Australia during my tenure, many of whom became friends, and in quite a few cases, remain good friend to this day. I have learned alot through my involvement in PA and it was a pleasure to be able to do my bit to provide a place for the Prelude Australia community to share their love for what I still believe is one of the best cars Honda ever made.

    Thank you for all of your support over the years and I really appreciate the opportunity that you have all given me over the past few years. I will still be around, in the form of still being a member.

    Thanks Kindly,

    Brad Woodford.
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    Good to hear you will still be staying around. Even better to hear that things are better for you. Depression is a terrible thing and I wish you the best of luck. Your health is always the number one priority.
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    I'm most happy Brad that the disease called "depression" is on the wane > in remission.
    Having worked for many years with clients afflicted with brain chemical imbalances, it's a tough road for them.
    Some puzzles unravel easily - others are convoluted and most difficult.
    And all are magnified if they're onto drugs/alcohol.
    So a most sincere congratulations from me!

    I too have been most happy with the Preludes I've had.
    Firstly, the one that behaved like new and I sold it like new.
    The last one was the one that wraps you up like a sausage in a roll.
    They had the most beautiful seats and delivered a bit of a punch with the most glorious sound.
    4th Gen looked good too! Hehe...

    Most glad that you'll still be around; because what have we got? A COMMUNITY-Y-Y-Y-Y!!!

    Kind Regards,
    Terry Tung-Yep

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    All the best Brad with everything going on around you at this point in your life. You have made a great site and it shows with the members on here compared to other forums. I am sure the 3 will keep up the great work.


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