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    A Friend Of Yours Looking For A Small SUV?

    No, I'm not trying to sell you one!
    My wife switched from a sedan to a cross-over...
    Without ever labelling my wife a Soccer-Mum, we looked for certain criteria.
    * Second hand - maybe 2-4 yrs old,with low Kms
    * Big hit on depreciation already done - so $45K or less
    * Good performance
    * Good handling
    * Settled through twisties
    * Great brakes
    * Absolutely safe with all sorts of features that mean sumfin'
    * Luxury items

    We compared BMW X3, Lexus RX350, Audi Q5, Mazda CX5, Subie Forester XT, Nissan Juke and Dualis, Toyota Kluger and RAV4...
    But decided on this...

    Maria's 1st Turbo

    She's not real tall.

    Safety Plus as well as Creature Comforts

    0-100 in 7 sec (Polestar upgrade > 6.5sec)

    That's why I'm broke!
    The GT-R was passed in the week before because the seller was asking for a ridiculous price.
    So I thought it'd be budget-safe to buy her this instead.
    I was wrong - lol
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