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    Lightbulb Activation Email

    Hi, just thought I'd post a suggestion about the registration process.

    I accidentally clicked something when I initially signed up, and only briefly saw the screen that said I needed to activate my account via an email. The email never arrived, and I found no option to resend it.

    I did eventually search up how to resend the activation email for vBulletin forums in general, and added "/register.php?do=requestemail" after the "/forum" in the Prelude Australia forum URL (won't let post up the full URL because I'm a new member, apologies if posting it like this is still breaching the rules or anything like that)

    I think this link should be more easily accessible, either through an option in the control panel or in the FAQ/a pinned topic or something.
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    Well done on getting it to work for you.
    The other option may be to send a message to the admin via the "contact us" feature, and we can sort it via the control panel.

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    Activation Email

    I am not sure if this issue is resolved or not but I see I wait almost many days for activation email. And just today I did resend activation mail and I got it immediate.

    So admin might want to have a look at this if this is an issue with new registration.

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