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    Hi, need some info please :)

    Hello everyone!
    This July it's my little brother's 25th birthday and as he always said he would love to visit Australia I'm organizing a trip (about a month) for the two of us. He's a lot passionate about cars (he has an old prelude and spends most of his free days looking after it, bet he needs a gf! ahhah). I know he likes meetings and that sort of things so whist we're there I'd like to take him to a big event. Is there anyone that can give me some advice?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to Prelude Aust
    What dates are you considering?
    And in what states of Aust?
    What are your first names?

    There's a 12 hour race for example in 2 days time at Bathurst NSW with GT-Rs Vs R8s Vs Lambos Vs Ferraris etc.
    And we have PA Members here from every state.

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