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    Lovelyqoo's shot at a 3g Prelude

    Hey all, you guys may remember me with the black 5th gen a few years back.

    Well I moved on to a JZX100 Toyota Chaser but needed a daily as I keep on driving everywhere around Sydney.

    So I picked this up for $900 up in the blue mountains.

    Very bad condition paint, no head unit, jumpy speedometer, no coolant (which we discovered on the drive back to Sydney), but it all drives fine and has 4WS! 1989 3rd Gen.

    Found a headunit lying around in the shed and installed it the day after

    Mucking around with the antenna and realised it wasnt connected to anything...

    Cleaned up the window wipers...

    ...and got a parking ticket in the same week

    Had a stripped sump bolt so got Hannys to fix it up, bumped into the bigger cousin NSX at the shop.

    Robert there told me off for buying such a POS car lols.

    Back at home with the JZX100

    Driving one day and keep hearing a knocking sound on bumps..rear passenger upper control arm bushings are playing up.

    Peddlers wanted to charge me $800 all up for changing it. Left abruptly and DIYed it, all up cost $150.

    Honda spare parts galore! - New speedo to fix broken VSS!

    This also kept on happening, changed both the battery and the alternator and all good now.

    Came back from holiday to find this:

    The guy that mows our lawn accidentally flicked a rock into the passenger glass and shattered it.. Got it all fixed up in the end, and 20% tints all round.

    Picked up CD5 lip kit

    Started fixing the rust and aligning the bumpers abit better.

    Right before I started doing a backyard DIY paint job

    Murder scene...

    All painted! Plus I got rid of the stockies and found some cheap 14" Daihatsu rims off gumtree for the time being.

    So since these photos, I've lowered it with tokico blue shocks with red springs (do they come as a set?).

    Also ordered these:

    coming from Japan in a 2-3 months, specs of 15x5.5+35. They should fit alright right?

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    ”uoǝbunp ǝɥʇ oʇ
    グ-ビ ください

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    Nice wheels they should fit all right and take a pic with the wheels should have a bit of camber

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    Looking good!

    Those wheels should get great
    Grip > Slip.

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