Hey guys, so the time has come when im pretty sick of using my standard crappy arc welder to do anything with. i know a lot of it comes down to whos behind the mask but without an inverter welder the arcs to hard to weld small sheet metal. My budget us around 500$-800 and i deffs want atleast a gas and gasless mig welder to weld anything from 1mm to 10mm thick steel. Ive been looking some ebay chinese brands which people have mixed feelings about, i know you obviously get what you pay for especially with welders but with my budget i can get a 3 in 1 mig/tig and mma welder. Im willing to grab a good second hand one if i can find one but just want to get people with experience's opinion on the best option. I would rather a mig than a tig, and has to be gas and gasless as i want clean welds, and was to be an inverter so its much easier to start and continuous flow, but if i can get all 3 in 1 that would be a big bonus.

looking at a few of these