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    I had been wanting to upgrade my sound system for a while as the stock speakers are not very impressive. So i finally got around to it and finished installing it yesterday. Have to say, it sounds freaking awesome. Here is a picture of the things i got.

    The number of settings this headunit has is crazy. I still have a lot of learning to do to be able to run this at its maximum potential. Also, because i chose to go with the 6.5" components, i had to do cut out the door cards and mount the speakers on the actual door using speaker spacers. Scored a subwoofer from a mate so saved me some money there winning! I also upgraded the stock speaker wires to 16 guage as the stock wires are too tiny.
    Will post more pictures in a bit.

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    Focal gets thumbs up!

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    deadend your doors properly and you'll hear much more than you've expected
    Super rare JDM parts arrange off hands, for miracles time of expectation 2 days
    Leather parts also avaliable. Contact me only if you intend to buy

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    Rohans build thread

    After hours of breeding I finally got a 5 IV Torchic And in the process I have about 9 4 IV Torchic left over. Anyone want one before they go up to Wonder Trade?

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