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Thread: DSLR Shooting

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    DSLR Shooting

    So ye started attending more cruises and taking photos and stuff, but I need some help with a few things because I just cant seem to be able to find anything on Google. I have a Sony Nex-5 Camera

    1. How do I change my camera to focus on the background and blur whats in front of me. E.g. Blur trees, but make the cars in the background clear.

    2. How do I adjust my camera so that the shutter speed is quick at night because I can never take NON-blurry night shots with my camera.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    1. Either change to manual focus and use the focus ring on the lens. Or, set focus mode to point focus, point the camera at what you want in focus and press the shutter half way, then frame your shot.

    2. Set ISO to 3200 or 6400, set aperture as fast as possible for the lens, leave shutter speed to auto. Or, use a tripod. There is also a night steadyshot mode, that takes 5 or 6 fast shots, then combines them.


    read the manual, it's all in there. I have the NEX 5R. Brilliant camera for a mirrorless SLR

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    What lens do you have?
    I generally set aperture priority mode for most shots. Set the aperture and let the camera do the rest.

    In dark places you'll need to hold the camera very still while the shutter opens and closes.. or use a tripod...

    If you don't think images you've taken are bright enough, you can increase the exposure compensation. The camera will automatically leave lower the shutter speed slight/increase ISO. On my dslr you can increase exposure in steps of 0.3, etc...

    Try zooming in and taking photos...for normal perspective photos you want the focal length to be 35mm or higher. My dslr lens is 18-105mm.. I used to have an 18-55 but wanted more zoom.

    As a guide you want your shutter speed to be faster than the focal length. So if I'm taking a photo at 18mm (wide shot) then I'd want a shutter speed of 1/18 or quicker. if im zoomed in 105mm then I should have a shutter speed of 1/100 or quicker.. that will give you sharp case you don't know, those numbers mean 1/100 of a second. So shutter speed of 1/2 is half a second but it means you must keep you camera still...

    Regarding the blurry back ground try to zoom in and move back from the subject...ill be getting a 35mm lens soon (no zoom). It has a big aperture so night photography will be easier...Shutter speed will be quicker than my 18-105mm lens which means better quality photos...anything around 35mm/50mm is called normal/portrait lens.

    Most people with point and shoot cameras generally snap wide angle photos. Try leaving the zoom at 35mm or 50mm and are how you go...set the aperture as big as lower the number...3.5, 5.6 etc...
    See how you go...
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    i just got a canon 650d 2 days ago for my birthday with a 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lense. im looking fowerd to getting my car out of the garage to actually take some pics anyone have any expiriance with this camera? any tips and tricks apart form the normal ones? the only think im really having trouble with is grainy night shots. i think that has something to do with the iso setting. :/ here are some of my better pics

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