Ok guys, I think I've found a bargain.
However, I don't know much about the Honda Prelude series all together, so I'm coming to ask for opinions.
It's a 1989 Honda Prelude 4WS Manual.
290,000km's on the dial. -- (I hear this is not much for this engine?)
New exhaust system, new clutch.
It's $1,200 negotiable. I want to knock him down as he's desperate to sell as he's moving overseas and had no other interested buyers.
Has a full service history and a neat interior.
What problems should I look at?
What should I expect to pay?
Please tell me anything I should know.

Here are some pictures of the car, minor paint fade on bonnet and black scratch on back left panel. Both noticeable.

Please help me out. I'm from Adelaide, SA.