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    Ask Snowwhite but umight have to pull it urself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gee View Post
    In a bit of a pickle here, I realised this the other day at Matt's place...

    When I bought the car I got one key and one remote. Now the previous owner doesn't know where I live because I didn't give them their transfer papers for this very reason that I am about to explain, but it just came to my head the other day when I realised...

    My car has keyless entry which is all fine and dandy, I doubt it is factory. Now, the key that turns my engine won't turn the locks on either of my doors or boot. This may very well be fine, but what I really realised is that if my remote ****s up then I have absolutely no way of getting into my car because I don't have another key. I'm thinking that the previous owner has replaced the ignition barrel and got the key corresponding to that particular barrel, and because getting the keys and locks to be unified was going to cost them too much money that they in turn got a keyless entry put into the car to save some coin. Would I be incorrect in this particlar situation?

    My questions are;

    1) How much is it to replace all locks and ignition barrel with one key that'll work with all?
    2) Is there a way to get the key that I have now to work with the locks or no? This would probably be the best outcome.
    3) How much money am I looking at to replace my alarm (that doesn't work anymore -.-) and keyless entry (because the system is quite old and my remote is getting bad, and I can't find a replacement for it to save my life) with a brand new system and an alarm that will actually work?

    Please anyone with any insight let me know!
    if you havent sorted this out yet, the same issue happened to me when i got my car, remote works but the key wont open the boot or doors, this is probably because the key is worn out, all i did was get a new key done up and works for em. although it may not be 100% the same situation, however once i got a new key done up i could open the doors and boot fine, driver side door a bit harder with a bit more effort.

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    Hey mate. Ignition barrel had been changed previously. I have to pull the locks from the doors and the boot and take it to a locksmith with my key - they can align the pins for me and fixed. I heard it's like $30 per lock or something.

    Updates and plans to come! Getting back into PA after a Prelude slump haha.

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