wow, guess i haven't updated this in a while... violin still isn't complete unfortunately... it's alot harder than i anticipated... it was a long hot summer so i couldn't be bothered working on it half the time after christmas and to get back into things i've decided to get back to something i know before i tackle the rest of the violin so, the guitar at the moment is coming along pretty well, everything's at least cut out besides the electronic controls cavity and the tuning peg holes in the neck, just lots of carving and shaping to do before i glue it all together and paint it but some update pics for you guys

both bits cut out, cavities in the second piece are for my wiring channels to make things easier

how both bits sit, just some sanding to do on the bottom piece when it's glued together to make things perfect

bridge and potentiometer positions are all drilled out, just need a spot for the switch...

3 and a bit hours with a file and sandpaper gets me to here where things stand as of today

lots more shaping and carving still to go, should be awesome when it's done