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Thread: Fitness Advice

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    My friend was Miss Figure Australia for quite a few years & I used to train with her when she was getting ready for Comps.

    6 pack pfff....this girl had a 12 pack. :p

    Apart from a correct diet, she used to get shredded in no time buy doing 20 minutes of Cardio(bike) 1st thing in the morning & last thing at night. Helps to metabolize during the day before training in the PM & also while you sleep.

    Just beware that if you do the last thing at night cardio you may have trouble getting to sleep until your body adjusts.

    No carbs after Dinner/6 hours before bed either. That means no coffee, protein drinks, snacks etc. Water and neat Tea only.

    Do that and you will see an difference in 2 weeks.

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