Below are concise threads which relate to H22A build ups.

Part 1 - Reliability / Peace of mind.
Part 2 – Free, cheap, and easy mods (the “why not” ones).
Part 3 – Bolt-ons.
Part 4 – Transmission & Drivetrain.
Part 5 – Fuel / ignition tuning & knock detection.
Part 6 – Cams, Valvetrain, and Headwork.
Part 7 - Bottom End.
Part 8 - Discussion.

Parts 1 - 7 will be locked in order to keep the threads clean. Any discussion about any of the information within is to be discussed in section 8.

All information is thanks to Daemione from Attack Forums. Wherever the articles refer to the "Attack" they refer to the Canadian built kit-car called the Attack which uses the H22A engine (hence the reason why they had this information on the H22)

All information is a couple of years old and from an American source. All measurements are in Imperial units and assume USDM engines. It should be used only as a guide and a mechanic familar with Honda engines should be consulted before undertaking any work on your car.