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    Im the only one online at the moment. Am I kool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=AndyV=- View Post
    fav animal : doggys.. in romania no joke i owned a hlaf malamute half mountain wolf dog.. that thing was vicious lol.. biggest chain around its neck to keep it away from people.
    best thing on weekend: sleep/relax and go out at night
    drink of choice: umm im not sure.. i do enjoy my corona with a slice of lime.. then again vodka is also good.. il go for a Vtec thanx
    have you got a pic of a monster of a dog like this? cos i thought i saw one on the back of a ute driving home one day, the thing was scary, it was like the size of a liger and freakin ugly. i'd never seen a dog like it, it seriously looked genetically engineered or on steroids, it was nuts and i'd love to know what it was.

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    * show us some pics of ya bro's cars u all ways talk about...

    * do you allways cruise to that spit thing? I allways see pixs of ya car on boostcrsing, is that spit thing ne good? or are their heaps of cops their? keen to know as i mite be goin their in jan..
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    pretty sure ive posted pics of their ludes here and ther but will get them to take all the cars down for a shoot soon. lol il get some1 to drive mine for me

    lude_dude i dont have any since this was back in romania and i was like 7 when we came here. but yer was pretty big and vicious. like a hairy lion

    and conections nar not always there is a really strong police presance there sundays but if ur car aint toooo hotted up they generally leave u be as there is plenty of other prey there. If u cruise there go from like 2 - 3.. depending on the day there should always be a good turnout.

    And LAVISH u are way kool

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