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    Exclamation Acronyms and Lingo Used in the Technical Sections

    This is a run down or lingo and acronyms we use in the Technical Section for all the noobs out there

    AFR = Air Fuel Ratio
    FWHP = Front Wheel Horse Power
    I/H/E = intake / header / exhaust
    NA = Naturally Aspirated
    OBDI = On Board Diagnostics Version 1
    OBDII = On Board Diagnostics Version 2
    PnP = Plug 'n' Play
    VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
    WOT = Wide Open Throttle
    WBO2 = Wideband 02 sensor

    CAI = Cold Air Intake
    CKP = Crank Position Sensor
    CMP = Camshaft Position Sensor
    ECU = Engine Control Unit
    EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
    IM = Intake Manifold
    ITB = Independent Throttle Bodies
    IAT = Intake Air Temperature (sensor)
    MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor)
    OBD = OnBoard Diagnostics
    PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
    PNP = Port and Polish
    TB = Throttle Body
    TCU = Transmission Control Unit (Auto cars only)
    TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
    VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor
    VTEC = variable Valve Timing and Electronic lift Control

    ATTS = Active Torque Transfer System
    LSD = Limited Slip Differential

    LCA = Lower Control Arm

    ABS = Anti-lock Braking System
    ALB = Anti-lock Braking System

    In Car Entertainment:
    ICE = In Car Entertainment
    HU = Head Unit

    The List will continue to be added to over time.
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