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    Rules For PA Lounge!!!!!

    The PA Lounge is the section for off topic subjects, jokes, random discussions and topics unrelated to cars. The following rules apply when posting in this forum.

    1. Any material deemed to be inappropriate will be removed and the poster will be notified as to its removal.

    2. While jokes and humourous material is permitted, all care must be taken not to post material that may cause offence to other members.

    3. This forum must not be used to engage in personal attack of another member. This includes attacks based on race, religion, sexual preference, gender and a members car.

    4. Any photos you wish to post up of another members car should have the permission of the vehicles owner, and registration numbers blocked out.

    5. If a thread or post in this section causes offence, please notify the moderators for this forum, and they will take the appropriate action.

    6. Any member who posts offensive material, or violates these rules will be sent a warning. Failure to act on this warning, or subsequent violation of rules may result in that member being suspended or banned from PA.

    Many Thanks,
    The Moderatoring Team.
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    Adult Content Contained Posting Adult Content

    We have implemented a new system to help keep Prelude Australia a little safer for browsing at work and for ppl who just dont want to see Adult Content.

    This icon is located below the box where you type your message. The thread creator MUST use it for any threads that will contain adult content.

    Please note that standard rules still apply and extreme porn or illegal material will still be removed immediately, with the current infraction system applying.

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