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    weird idling problem when driving

    ok when im driving around and im about to come near a stop or whatever i put it into neutral and the rpms "should" goto like 700-1000 or w/e right? instead it revs up to 3000 how do i fix this? kinda like a sticky idle
    really annoying
    i was told it could be iacv or throttle body?
    if anyone konws a fix let me know thanks

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    Usually a bad IAC valve cause the idle to bounce. If your idle is staying high, it's possible that your throttle is sticking open. To test for this, when you engine is idling high like you say, get out of the car, pop the hood, and force the throttle shut by turning the throttle spindle on the throttle body. If the idle goes down to normal, then you'll know your throttle is sticking.

    To fix this, take off the throttle spindle (where the throttle cable ends) on your throttle body. Grease up the throttle butterfly shaft, spring, and spacer. When you put everything back together, only tighten the nut enough to compress the lock washer. The nut doesn't have to be very tight.

    Before you hook the cable back up, see if you can get the butterfly to 'hang' open a little bit. Using your hands on the throttle spindle, open it, then slowly close it and see if it will stick before things close completely. If it does, loosen the nut a little and try again.

    Once you have it working well, reattach the cable and you're good to go.

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    it only does the idle thing when i drive it and put it into neutral
    when its just sitting there the idle is normal or when i come to a stop the idle will drop down
    what does the throttle spindle look like?
    got a pic? sorry :/

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    You can see my throttle spindle in this picture:

    It's neat the middle of the image, with a yellow dot on the nut.

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    cool ill try it when i get the car back
    where is the IACV btw?

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    In that image I gave you, you can see the top of the IAC valve directly below and a little to the left of where the ground wire bolts to the firewall. In the picture, the top of the IAC valve has a tiny rectangular white sticker on it. See it?

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    ill take a look at it when i get the car back

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