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    Here is another perfect example of why I haven't put any money into getting my car painted or the lil minor dings taken out. This is the second break in attempt on my car in the past few months, and that's the only two ever. And to think that I live in a gated community, bullshit! Again, thanks to my alarm. Although this time only the warning beacons hit to run them off (otherwise there would have been a series of beeps and additional flashing lights when I disarmed it today), guess it wasn't much force used (see the pic for damages). The last time I think it was back in November, someone broke my driverside window. This lil nickle and dime bullshit hurts, too little for insurance claim and bodyshops wanna charge more for minor work without extras. I definitely gotta get the hell out of apartment living and into a house before I either hurt someone or my car gets totally trashed. Gonna invest in some tint this weekend also, at least that will prevent anyone else from a visual of what I have inside. Oh yeah, and it definitely better not be another import fan who saw one of my setups online. That would be a kicker and send me straight over the edge. It's coming to a point that I'm about to setup my handycam for 24hr surveillance. Yes, I love my lude that much.

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    I'm sure that the rims that you have are visual enough to tip thieves off that you've got things worthy of stealing. I don't think the tint will do too much good. Maybe a ghetto car cover so it'd appear to be a pos?

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    funny that on the first break in, i only had the 14" beaters w/out the hubcaps on my car.

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    Dude that sux man. I'm glad I live out in the boones and my car parks right outside my window in the carport.

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