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Thread: Sparco Springs

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    Anyone had experience with the Sparco Springs for the 4th Gen Prelude? I would like to get all the info about these.


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    I did not even know sparco made springs for our cars. Where did you see them. I want to take a look at them and are they just for 4gen ludes.

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    lack of funds
    i saw them in my scc magazine i was like WTF i havent head any good or bad things yet, way to new and prob $$$$ sparco makes seats, IMO i wouldt trust them in springs, you buy sparco seats for seats you buy eibach springs for springs, do u go to a fish place to order a steak? i dont

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    From what I've "heard" which could be wrong....I heard that they suck...

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    Swordfish steak? Yummy.....

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    lack of funds
    damn im hungry now, btw i can get ur rims for free, lol

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