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    Nola BB6

    fog light harness

    I have a set of usdm foglights but like the look of the jdm ones better. my question is: is it possible to use the harness and wires from the usdm for the jdm fog lights?

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    Re: fog light harness

    i dont know for sure, but Im pretty sure if you buy the JDM ones it comes with a wiring harness. you just need to swich out everything.

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    Re: fog light harness

    Unfortunately, thats not possible. I was in the same situation - when i bought my car, it had the USDM fogs, and i wanted JDMs, but wanted to keep the same wiring. The exterior harness differs at the plugs that connect to the foglight itself, and the interior harness also differs with its plugs, but the JDM one also gives you more options as far as if you want the foglights to go on with the marker lights or only when the headlights are on (i believe the USDM fogs only go on when the headlights are on - not sure if there is a way to change that).

    One good thing about already having USDM fogs if you're gonna go JDM, is that you already have the right switchplate - you have the USDM fog switch and the blank space with cover next to it, instead of having just a pocket underneathe the CRUISE/ROOF/DIMMER switches - so you wont have to lose one of those 3 switches in place of the JDM fog switch b/c you can use your USDM fog switch instead, which is what i did:

    Another good thing about having the USDM fog kit already, is that you can sell it after you installed your JDM fogs. I bought my JDM fogs for about 300 shipped, and i sold my USDM fogs on ebay for 250 shipped! I only paid 50 bucks for my JDM fogs b/c of the USDM fogs!

    If you do go for the JDM fogs, you should go here:

    Go to the fog light kit, click on the installation instructions, and it'll show you how the USDM fogs hook up to your car, so you can use that to uninstall the USDM fogs when you go to install the JDM ones. You should be able to find a write-up on how to install the JDM fogs on here or on the web somewhere.

    You should definitely get them - good luck!

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    Nola BB6

    Re: fog light harness

    TrueBlueLude you are my hero :bow: thanks for the help bro

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    Re: fog light harness

    Are the JDM ones brighter than the USDM ones? I have the USDM ones already and want to switch to the JDM for the look, but I spent alot of time on the highway at night. Thanks for anyones help who have had both. Also is there a way to hook the USDM ones up so they will come on with also just the parking lamps on. I hate that they only work with the low beams on.

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    97 Lude VTec

    Re: fog light harness

    Quote Originally Posted by Nola BB6
    TrueBlueLude you are my hero :bow: thanks for the help bro
    all the louisiana people showing up all of a sudden, finally some more ludes around here damn. Where at in nola are you?

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    Nola BB6

    Re: fog light harness

    Are the JDM ones brighter than the USDM ones?
    i read somewhere yesterday that they were but not by much. I believe it was on I'll see if I can find it.

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