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    92 Prelude Si

    manual transmission

    I've been driving stick for 2 years now and I've never really payed attention or had the opportunity to watch this as a passenger, but I've been wondering when you're approaching a red light or a stop sign, do you usually just shift into neutral and roll while braking into a stop? If you do, do you keep the clutch pedal down while you roll or do you remove your foot?

    This is how I've been doing it, is that normal?

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    Re: manual transmission

    Man, with a question like this you're gonna get 8 million opinions from as many people. No one is correct. I might not be either...

    The simple rule: If you're not shifting, keep your foot off of the clutch.

    If you shift into neutral before stopping, that's ok, foot on the floor (off of the clutch) and you brake to a stop, it's just going to wear your pads and rotors out faster. Saves gas and clutch though.

    If you like to downshift, that's cool, just don't slam gears without matching speed/RPMs when you're decellerating. Be deliberate and consistent.

    You choose based on your style, comfort level, and the way your car performs. Neither one is right.

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    92 Prelude Si

    Re: manual transmission

    Those were the options I was thinking, I figured there was a favored technique but I wasn't sure. Like I said I haven't really ever noticed because i've only been in a couple of manual cars as a passenger. Which is really strange now that I think about it, most of my close friends drive autos.

    This was just a question (probably not the best) that i've been wanting to have answered but never thought about until after I read a post on here about reducing clutch wear.


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    Re: manual transmission

    I do go into neutral, but I don't think I keep pressing on the clutch, I will have to pay more attention and I'll let you know, but def I do go neutral that I know for sure. You know I'm going into 29 soon, getting old and I try to make my stick shift driving the more easy and tireless as possible lol specially when driving any where near NYC and I sometimes feel tired coming into Dirty Jersey from NYC :bow:

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    Re: manual transmission

    Personally, I gear down as I decelerate, letting the engine help slow the car down a little. I do this till about 2nd or 3rd gear, then I put it in neutral and let the brakes do the rest. Once I am stopped, I always leave the car in neutral, and take my foot off the clutch so to not wear out my release bearing.

    But that's just me.

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    Re: manual transmission

    Spiffy is right on it. You want to use the engine for braking when it's moderately done. It uses more energy and fuel laying on and off the brakes alone. Let the motor help you slow the car. Unless you're shoving the car into 2nd at 50 mph, you're not putting any unnecessary wear on the clutch unit.

    Always keep your foot off the clutch otherwise whether in gear or not, unless you're shifting. No resting on it when you're driving. That's another reason for the dead pedal on the left.

    That's how I do it and how most people I know do it, but really, it's all up to you and what you're comfortable with most of all.


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    Re: manual transmission

    when i was a noobie stick driver, i used to step on the clutch alot when breaking to a light or stop sign. now that i stopped jerking (the car) i just coast all the way to the stop in the highest gear i was at. downshifting to a stop causes a slight wear on the clutch since you are shifting. gotta admit it. i just let it coast alot as far as it can before i hit 1K rpm then i take it out of gear, foot off clutch and brake. coasting in gear saves gas because when you aint steppin on the gas pedal, no gas is being used. if you coast in neutral, you're using gas because it takes gas to keep the car idling in neutral. but if you coast in gear, the wheels spinning will keep the engine spinning without using gas. that's what i was taught and that's what i believe.

    i'm going to ask my "teacher" again though.. since if no gas is being used.. why is exhaust still coming out.. anyways this isn't important.. like everyone else said, dont step on the clutch if you aint shifting or trying to keep yourself from stalling.

    did you know you can pull out of gear wihtout using the clutch too? save yourself some wear that way if you think its worth it. how? when the gas pedal isn't being pushed down, there's no load on the transmission so the gears just slip right out. i don't suggest or recommend or know how to shift INTO gears without using the clutch.

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    Re: manual transmission

    Quote Originally Posted by 95vtec_BManVA
    If you shift into neutral before stopping, that's ok, foot on the floor (off of the clutch) and you brake to a stop, it's just going to wear your pads and rotors out faster. Saves gas and clutch though.
    Actually, it saves gas to downshift and use engine braking as long as you can. Apparently on 4th gen Preludes and up (maybe as long as Preludes have had PGM-FI), the injectors shut off when you're coasting against the engine and it uses no gas. When you're idling however, you use gas.


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