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    Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    I just got home from work, and every time I put my car in reverse it would pop out! It took me 3 tries to get out of the parking spot.

    I just bought this car, I don't want these kinds of problems already!!!


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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    There was a guy on here a while back: xprelude29x, he had the same problem with his car. They ended up having to put a brand new transmission in for him.

    Im just a ray of sunshine arent I..

    lol Anyways, if you do a search on him, youll probbaly find his thread on the problem

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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    my car kept popping out of 5th, I had only just had the whole clutch replaced. I did some tinkering with the friction point and now its fine. The friction point was way to high, almost of the pedal

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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    I emailed the guy I bought the car from. He was really cool when I dealt with him before, knows a lot about cars, and I knew he wasn't trying to screw me by selling me a lemon.

    Here's his response:

    That NEVER happen to me. My guess would be one of these 3 things:
    - Maybe the gears just really got worn out. That is strange though, because
    reverse is the least used gear. I would expect any of the other gears to
    give up first.
    Perhaps you are just not getting a good gear engagement:
    - Maybe you are not engaging the gear properly. I did not have any problem
    like this with the Prelude, but the 3rd gear on the EVO only engages
    smoothly if I move the stick slightly towards me while I move it forward.
    Perhaps the way that you are moving the stick is not the best way. Did you
    try altering slightly the path of the stick when you are engaging gear or
    going slower, faster, gentler, or firmer?
    - Maybe you are not depressing the clutch fully or long enough. Reverse is
    not synchronized so it takes longer to get full engagement.

    I'm assuming it's either 2 or 3 (i really hope so, then it isnt really a problem I need to fix).

    Also, I think it might have something to do with the pedals I installed (yeah, i know, rice, but the rubber was missing off the clutch and my brother bought me them and... yeah just shut up)

    I noticed the screws stick out pretty far from the back, and it might be stopping me from completely pushing the clutch in (hence #3). This problems happened after I installed them too. I'll try removing them/cutting the ends of the screws and see if that helps.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    make a slight adjustment to the friction point of your clutch arm. I am pretty sure that this will sort out your woes.

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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    Well, I did what he said, I let the clutch out a lot slower than i did before and i also messed around with how i put it in gear, and I think i found a way to do it. I tried it a few times without a problem. Hopefully it won't keep happening...

    how do i go about adjusting the friction point, for future reference?

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    Re: Ahhh! Reverse keeps popping out of gear!

    its kind of hard to explain, but it works the same on all cars (well manual ones anyway).

    Get right up under you steering wheel and look at your clutch pedal. Follow the pedal up to the top, there is a metal rod that goes into your firewall. Where the rod meets your clutch pedal there is a nut that adjusts the length of the rod. Just adjust it as you need, ONLY ADJUST IT A LITTLE, try it 1 or 2 threads at a time and make sure you move it in the right direction.

    and there you have it

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