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    Moonroof drain tubes

    Where exactly are the drain points in the moonroof and how many are there ? I am getting a wet floor in the footwell at rear passenger side and suspect one or more of the drains are blocked. I have poured water into the two front corners and that clears away fast, so I suspect one of the rear drain points, only problem is when you slide the roof back to take a look it hangs over where I suspect the rear point are, anyone throw any light on this problem ?

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    Re: Moonroof drain tubes

    the front drain tube(s) (not sure if theres 1 or 2) go down the pillars and empty behind like where the fuse panel is on the drivers side and the same spot on the passenger side. you should be able to see the water come out. the rear tube goes down the divers sid rear pillar and the tube goes down behind the lil place where the jack is in the trunk. according to the picture it looks like theres a place for a drain tube at all 4 corners, but only 2 are used. it says to used compressed air to clear the tubes if theyre clogged. maybe instead of sliding it all the way back just tilt it up and see if you can get at it that way?

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    Re: Moonroof drain tubes

    There are 4 drains...1 down each pillar of the roof.
    You can get access to the rear ones by pulling off the boot trim and then you will be able to see them (a clear tube). Pull them out with their rubber gromets and check if they are blocked...they have like a rubbe nipple/valve on the end to prevent water going up them from the tyres...i cut mine with scissors to make them a bit bigger.
    i advise putting vaseline on the rubber grommet b4 trying to put them back as they are quite difficult to put back...hope that helps.

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