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    Looking to get a 5th Gen Prelude

    I'm going to be getting a new car soon, and I was looking into the 5th Gen Prelude 2000-01 manual model. Is there anything I should look for, or make sure to get with this car...Which model should I get...base or SH...I do want to mod the car, that's why I'm getting a new car, my current ride isn't tunable enough to make it worth spending money on....Also how tunable is the car, NA or FI...thanks for the help.

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    Re: Looking to get a 5th Gen Prelude

    Welcome to

    This should start you off...

    This member joined a couple days before you and started the following thead:

    Please be sure to search the forums first, most of the answers are already out there just waiting for you to find them.

    Happy hunting

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