View Full Version : KYB AGX SHOCKS on a 4th gen VTEC

30th August 2006, 01:35 PM
I have done a search and I am sure a lot of ppl would have enquired about KYB shocks for their prelude... Yet no search results about these shocks on this site...

My lude is still riding on stock shocks and its time to change them... I have TEIN lightweight springs installed with a 1.5 inch drop on the lude.. I have been searching on ebay and found TOKICO, TEIN (expensive) and KYB shocks as the most common sellers for the 1992-1996 ludes.

I will be keeping the ldue for another 6 month to maximum 1 year after that I will be upgrading to a DC5R or S2K. So I dont plan to spend too much money into suspension. I was thinking of getting the KYB AGX SHOCKS which have damper adjustments... With shipping I can get them for $500AUD. Is that a good price for the shock and hwo will it suit the prelude???