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18th August 2006, 04:05 AM
alrite people, becuase im making my fully sik scooter look fully sik on a budget, i need some help here.

Currently my rims are powder black bling bling 13inch dub size.
I want to polish the outter lip so its bling bling dub mirror finish, so i can look at myself before i go places.

the lip is very narrow, just like a lip on standard rims, very flat and smooth.

I have a high speed buffer so far, what else do i need to do?, can i jsut start buffing away on the powdercoat until it slowly shows the allumiunium underneath? and thats it?

sending my love from halfway across da world.

22nd August 2006, 12:45 AM
chuck the wheel on a mechanically rotating axis and let that do the spinning. then, simply apply ur buffer to the lip for a smooth even finish :D
ive never done this, but im just taking a guess at what could be done :)

22nd August 2006, 01:52 AM
^^ That's basically it. But when you apply the buffer to the wheel while it's spinning it's also best to have the buffer set on a vice grip arm or something, that way it will be steady and it will provide a more even finish.

22nd August 2006, 02:52 AM
but the rims have black powder coat on then, i need to get sandpaper to sand it down to the metal, then metal polish n buff, but i need to to the steps. and how to approach it.

buffying jsut wont do it, unless its already bare metal.

22nd August 2006, 08:11 AM
well buffing it will basically sand it down till it hits the polish look... wont it?

22nd August 2006, 10:59 AM
When i bought my sawblade rims for my 3rd gen, it had speckles of white paint all over each rim. The guy who had them before painted his car white and the painters were just lousy getting white paint on the rims.

...needless to say, this is what i did to get my blades all polished, bling-bling looking...

First, buy low grit sandpaper, something like 300-400 grit level, perhaps even lower if you desire. Start sanding the lip, get the black powdercoat off the lip. Keep doing it until it's nice and polished.

Second, get wet sanding paper, something like 600-700 grit...the sandpaper should say, "wet-sand." Make sure you have a hose so you do actually wet sand while polishing. The purpose to wet sand is to even out all the deep scratches you have done with the low grit sand paper. Keep wet-sanding until the scratches are gone.

Lastly, you are done! if you have a buffer wheel, buff out to a nice smooth finish!

<<<<<on a budget>>>>> :side:

22nd August 2006, 03:20 PM
What he said is your best bet^^:side:

23rd August 2006, 12:51 AM
prelude13: thanx dude, thats pretty much identical to what others have told me. its confirmed, my scooter will be pimp after im done with it, then pics come :)

23rd August 2006, 03:13 AM
No problem man, It's not that hard, just takes patience and probably a few hours of a nice afternoon.

Make sure you get us pics when you are done! :wink:

24th August 2006, 03:25 AM
alright ****s, i took it apart today, bloody bitch to get the wheels off, needed to get the whoel brake system out (good to know that its even gt ABS, fornt and rear disc breaks, 2 pot at the front single pot at the back), then the axle mounts, and shift the transmission on the street, so you could imagine japs walking past thinking, wtf is going on here, coz NO ONE works on ther shit on the streets here, they take it to a workshop.
so forigern taking apart a scooter, ppl probally thought i was stealing that shit. cop rode past on his bycycle just as i was finishing up, he slowed down, i looked at him, he rode of really fast, i dont think he wanted to deal with me.

here is a pic of ma scooter, lets just say its on bricks outside a house next to highpoint. that will suit the picture jsut fine.
full pics will come later on when im done. maybe in a month or so. but i'll post the final product of the wheels soon



i swear i could get away with murder or robbin a bank for billions of yen (probally like a million yen).

24th August 2006, 06:51 PM
Alrite, did the rear rim first today. looks fkn pimp i rekon, hanv't put it all back together, need to go out and buy a new tool busted my 14mm socket.

anyway this is hwo it turned out, at the end i buffed the rim...


...of to get my knob buffed out laters :)

24th August 2006, 06:54 PM
i'll be gettin a 175/30/13 tyre from a car and chuckin that on the back in the next few weeks, *yes a car tyre* for that ultimate pimp look.

24th August 2006, 07:15 PM

for the boys and girls of PA.. can u take a pic of u sitting on ur scooter :-)

24th August 2006, 07:24 PM
pics of me will come soon whne its finished, getting a photoshoot of it, wiht a model and in the magazine it goes.

pics of y on da scooter will come soon. real sooon

28th August 2006, 03:48 AM

28th August 2006, 06:30 AM
Yo that looks good! good job, that lip looks pimp :thumbsup:

...hey that girl; she's giving us a "suggestive" sign huh? :biggrin:

28th August 2006, 01:34 PM
hahahaha timbo you didn't tell me you ahd another sex change :P

great stuff!